C902 – Visual Chart and Patent Test





Power cable, remote controller with batteries, instructions manual, stereo test glasses R/G, stand for desk.

  • Working distance:

Normal test distance: 2 – 6 m, steps 1/10 m

Low vision test distance: 1 – 3 m steps 1/10 m

  • Charts/Test:

“E” Snellen/Albini, Landolt, Sloan, letters, numbers, children, HOTV with Sloan charts, low vision test, stereo test, fixation, Duo-chrome, Schober, Worth, cross cylinder, chromatic sensitivity, Amsler, polar tests, Etdrs, astigmatism, contrast sensitivity.

Driving licence test:

Visual acuity test, contrast sensitivity, stereo test, crepuscular vision, dazzling test.

  • Mask Type:

Single, horizontal, red/green vertical, contrast sensitivity.

  • Visus Unit:
  • AV, MAR, decimal, LogMAR, Snellen(ft), grade cycles.
  • Optional:  Wireless printer – router – webcam
  • Power:

AC 220-230V 50/60Hz

Consumption: 60 Watt (max)

  • Dimensions:

54.5cm x 40cm x 5.5cm



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